November 23, 2013


Eminem Goes on Macklemore Love Fest

C Flanigan/FilmMagic
C Flanigan/FilmMagic

It's true: rap veteran Eminem recently gushed about rap newbie and Pacific Northwesterner, Macklemore.

When asked in a recent interview with Rolling Stone if he had heard Macklemore's gay marriage anthem, "Same Love," Slim Shady replied that he had heard the whole LP and that "Macklemore is, yeah, he’s dope."

He then went 20 steps further by saying, after the interviewer brought up a commonly held opinion that Macklemore is not exactly technically proficient in his rapping, by saying this:

"I think there’s very technical shit that he does. He’s a really good songwriter, too. Conceptually, the shit he does is pretty f-ckin’ incredible."

The "Thrift Shop" rapper was quite pleased with Em's kind words and announced to Rolling Stone that he even wanted to Instagram the quote, but was told not to by musical partner, Ryan Lewis.

"I think I still might [Instagram the statement]," Macklemore said.

"What meant the most to me out of all that sh-t, is what he said about the technical stuff, and the songwriting. Because I think a lot of people do, for whatever reason, think that there’s not a technical skill set to what I bring to the records.

"And to have Em validate that—I mean, that’s like the technician of technical rap. So that was super fresh to me. And obviously he’s Em, he’s one of the best rappers ever."

This particular rap lovefest is a little odd. 

Eminem just released a single that was overflowing with homophobic slurs that brought a good deal of criticism his way. Macklemore's second most famous song was written specifically to help promote a same sex marriage initiative in Washington State.

Love truly is blind…