November 7, 2013


Ke$ha/Flaming Lips LP Canceled Amid Her Battle for Career Control

Getty Images, 2
Getty Images, 2

Just two weeks after Ke$ha admitted to Rolling Stone that she doesn't have much creative control over her career, her friend/collaborator Wayne Coyne revealed that the Flaming Lips are no longer making a collaborative album with her for reasons they can't publicly state.

"As of now, sadly there will be no Lip$ha," Coyne tweeted, referencing the record's tentative title. "I can't say why... It is sad."

That last sentence isn't what you say when a project falls through because of scheduling conflicts. This tweet sounds more resigned than regretful, as if Lip$ha is an album Coyne wanted to make but can't for reasons outside his control.

Which makes us wonder if this album isn't the latest casualty in the fight for creative control over Ke$ha's career. It's gotten so heated that not only have fans started an online petition to free her from the allegedly Svengali-like control of producer Dr. Luke, but Ke$ha's mom even weighed in. She specifically Twitter shamed Dr. Luke, outright claiming that it's the hitmaking producer—and not Ke$ha's label RCA—who refuses to give her career control.

Additional evidence: Coyne retweeted a few people who speculated the album was canceled because of Dr. Luke, including this tweet: "It's Dr. Luke's fault, isn't it?"

What do you think—is this an example of a project that just happened to fall through or a symptom of Ke$ha's compromised creative control?