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Holiday Shopping 2013: 10 Must-Download Music Apps

Whether you're loading up your new device or purchasing for a friend, here are the applications every music fan needs

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Qello is like the Netflix for music performance lovers. It boasts an archive of concerts, music documentaries, live specials, festival performances and more, covering everything from classic rock to electronic, punk to funk, Latin rock to Top 40 pop.

The $4.99 monthly rate might seem expensive, but considering the average gift costs about $45 this year, a $50 gift card gives someone 10 months of Qello.

Buy It For: Live music and rock doc junkies.

Price: Free to download the app, $4.99 per month for iPhone, Android, iPad or iPod.

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TMSOFT’s White Noise

Dubbed by Dr. Oz as a "miracle for sleep," White Noise isn't your standard sound machine. It lets users take relaxing sound clips (like "Ocean Waves Crashing" and "Chimes Chiming") and blend them together. You become your own tranquilizing DJ, in control of each sound's volume, pitch and blend.

The app has also been proven to mask tinnitus—that ringing in your ears keeping you up after seeing a concert that was a bit too loud.

Buy It For: That loved one, who after too many Dinosaur Jr. and My Bloody Valentine concerts, habitually talks too loud thanks to the permanent hearing damage incurred by their favorite artists' cranked concerts.They deserve a good night's sleep this holiday season.

Price: $1.99 for iPhone, Android, iPad or iPod Touch.

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Bored of the same ol' Instagram filters? Popkick turns your pics into bright, fresh and funky pieces of pop art. The effects look great on photos of live concerts, where flashing spotlights and bright screens can make it tricky to snap a great photo.

Buy It For: That artsy friend or family member who's always snapping pictures at concerts.

Price: $2.99 for iPhone or iPod.

4 / 10

Hang W/

Hang W/ is free mobile video and social networking app that alerts users when they can join a livestreaming hangout with a musician or friend. The roster of signed-up artists is growing quickly and already includes TimbalandKaskade, Chief Keef, and 50 Cent, who premiered a track via Hang W/ from the studio back in August. 

Buy/Suggest It For: Your celebrity-obsessed little cousin or your friend with the YouTube channel.

Price: Free for iPhone, Android, iPad or iPod.

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Snapchat has wooed more than 100 million users with their addictive, erasable photo messages. Rithm gives that experience a musical twist. Choose from over 20 million songs to soundtrack a video or picture you can then send to any of your friends. Even those who don't have the app will receive a text with a link to the message, compete with a 30-second clip of the track. Plus, it's a fun way to send a pal suggestions for hot new artists. 

Buy It For: Those friends who are obsessed with Snapchat and/or never shut up about the hottest new bands. 

Price: Free for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

6 / 10


Back in the day, aspiring guitarists had no choice but to play and replay vinyl albums or CDs to learn how to play their favorite songs. While most guitar tabs are available online today, Capo makes learning new tracks infinitely easier. 

For example, on the iPhone and iPad version, users can slow down the song, so they can learn and play along, or loop a section if a part is particularly tricky. The Mac version is even easier, producing the actual guitar tabs and chords. It's particularly useful for learning obscure album cuts without tabs available online.

Buy It For: Guitar players.

Price: $9.99 for iPhone/iPad Version, $29.99 for Mac Version.

p.s. Try out the free trial version of the Mac version before you buy!

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News flash: A selfie can be turned into a song! Yep: With the TuneTrace app, a cellphone photo or even a drawing is transformed into music. The app's program follows very simple rules to navigate your drawing, assigning lines and corners a musical tone. Watch the demo above and prepare to show off at any holiday party! 

Buy It For: Your music nerd dad or friend.

Price: Free for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

8 / 10


Is your friend the next Daft Punk? If so, they'll need Arturia. The app recreates the iconic 1971 minimoog synthesizer made famous by artists like Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk and Stevie Wonder. It's now available in iPad form.

Buy It For: That friend who's equally obsessed with technology and music.

Price: $9.99 for iPad.

9 / 10


Remember that app that turns regular speaking voices into auto-tuned, T-Pain-style crooning, a la Songify the News? Well, now CineBeat turns an entire video clip into a musical production. Record a few seconds of a friend talking, and then the app will transform the clip into a mini music video featuring your friend singing and rapping amid fun visual effects.

Buy It For: The friend that loves music videos and/or posts ridiculous clips on Facebook 24/7. Warning: prepared for video post overload.

Price: Free for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

10 / 10


Ever wanted to star in music video alongside your favorite artist? Look no further: Fusic has arrived. It's a fun way to splice yourself into Miley's sledgehammer makeout session in "Wrecking Ball" or dress up with One Direction in "Best Song Ever" video. 

Buy It For: The most dedicated of hardcore pop fans, especially Directioners, Smilers, Katy Kats and more. 

Price: Free for iPhone, iPad and iPod.


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