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House Party

Friday Flashback: The 'House Party' Movies

Hi-top fade haircuts, hook-ups, Kid 'n Play, TLC and the ultimate Pajama Jam. We're taking a look back at the hilarious 'House Party' films

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'House Party' (1990)

New York duo Kid 'n Play are more than hitmakers from old school hip hop's Golden Age—they're also rapper-actor pioneers. In the early '90s, Christopher "Kid" Reid and Christopher "Play" Martin starred in the House Party movies, which are wonderful for being 1) Perfect time capsules and 2) Genuinely hilarious buddy movies.

The first House Party film, which dropped in 1990, is a stone-cold classic. With a killer dance-off (above), a freestyle rap battle, Kid's unmistakable hi-top fade and plenty of hook-ups, House Party is a hilarious, exuberant and unforgettable story about friendship and hip hop culture.

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'House Party 2' (1991)

Okay, the bash in House Party 2 might not be a house party per se, since the gala takes place in a university dining hall. But Kid 'n Play's Pajama Jam is a legendary scene in the teenage party movie canon. The turnt up performance from Kid 'n Play doesn't hurt, either. Watch it above.

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'House Party 3' (1994)

House Party 3 is the final entry in the series to star Kid 'n Play (don't worry—they appear as supporting players in the new one after sitting out House Party 4). It's not the finest entry in the series, but it does have one thing no other on-screen house party does: TLC!!! Chilli, T-Boz and Left Eye play hard-hitting rap act Sex As a Weapon and they're incredible to watch in action. Plus, Bernie Mac and Chris Tucker (in his first film appearance) are along for the ride as Kid 'n Play try to bring a bachelor party together.  

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'House Party 4: Down to the Last Minute' (2001)

Sadly, Kid 'n Play are not in House Party 4, and they're sorely missed. Instead, R&B trio IMx take center stage in this film. Marques Houston (IMx singer and actor from TV's Sister, Sister) stars as a young rapper holding a huge party at a rich uncle's house while he's out of town. Strangely enough, IMx appeared in House Party 3 in a minor role back when they called themselves Immature but played entirely different characters. 

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'House Party 5: Tonight's the Night' (2013)

After 12 years, House Party is back!! House Party 5: Tonight's the Night stars Tequan Richmond (who raps off-screen as T-Rich) as Chris, an 18-year-old about to leave high school behind and head to college. Unfortunately for Chris, his rapping partner and best friend Dylan isn't going with him. So they decide to throw one final bash to hook up with their dream girls, break it down on the dance floor and (accidentally) break down the house. And after 19 years, Kid 'n Play finally return to the House Party series, too. 

Watch it all go down November 29 at 8p/7c when House Party 5: Tonight's the Night makes its world premiere on Fuse. 

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