November 14, 2013


Justin Bieber Apologizes After Accidentally Trashing Argentinian Flag

Grupo13/LatinContent/Getty Images
Grupo13/LatinContent/Getty Images

This has been a tough few weeks for U.S. musicians in South America.

Last week, Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith received death threats after sticking the jersey of a popular Brazilian soccer team down his pants. In Brazil. In front of Brazilian soccer fans. #badideajeans. Now, Justin Bieber, undisputed king of beleaguered South American visits, was forced to apologize to fans after mopping the stage with an Argentinian flag thrown onstage.

While Bieber could technically face up to four years in prison for the act, the singer said it was all a big misunderstanding. Midway through performing at River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Bieber said that he thought the flag was one of many T-shirts on the stage.

Footage of the war crime that will likely set U.S.-Argentinian relations back decades is below.

In what should be considered essential and not-at-all hyperbolic reporting, TMZ reached out to diplomatic officials at embassies in Buenos Aires and Washington. After presumably saying, "Huh? Who? Why are you calling me?," they told the site that many people viewed the act as disrespectful.

Bieber tweeted that he "heard about what is going on with me down in Argentina and I'm shocked. I love Argentina and have had some of the best shows of my tour there."

Bieber's South American tour has been beset with controversy, as the singer was allegedly spotted leaving a Brazilian brothel and has come under fire for spraying graffiti supporting Chris Brown.