November 19, 2013


Topless Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Make Out in "Bound 2" Video

Kanye West premiered his latest video for "Bound 2" on the Ellen show (?), and we get to see a whole lot of Kim Kardashian, whether we want to or not. (I vote for the latter, personally.)

In the Nick Knight-directed video (he also did "Black Skinhead"), Kanye is seen riding across the country on a motorcycle via very expensive green screen visuals. His fiancee shows up to ride with him, and she's conveniently forgotten her top. She gets onto the motorcycle with Kanye and the two venture into the clouds as they make out, touch each other and get blown away by a wind machine.

On a scale of one to very uncomfortable, "Bound 2" is finding explicit porn on your estranged great aunt's computer. Check out the video here.