November 14, 2013


Katy Perry Goes Aristocratic for Epic "Unconditionally" Video Trailer

With "Roar" still tearing up the charts, Katy Perry is giving us a peek at the upcoming music video for "Unconditionally," the second single from her third album. The Prism power ballad is receiving an appropriately epic video by the looks of this preview clip, which plays more like the trailer for an Oscar-winning period drama than a music video teaser.

First off, the fashion in this clip is magnificent. Everyone is decked out in what appears to be the garment of Russia's pre-Revolution aristocracy (think Dr. Zhivago) and they're dancing ballroom-style. And then there's the ominous owl swooping down, the demure mother cradling her baby, a raging inferno… in short, there's more going on in this 40-second clip than most entire music videos.

Watch the cinematic teaser above and vote for Katy Perry to take the crown in our Top 40 of 2013 poll right here