November 12, 2013


Is Kelly Clarkson Pregnant?

Jay Leno must have missed the memo about never asking a lady if she's pregnant. (Because, you know, what if she isn't...?) But Monday on The Tonight Show, he cornered recently-married singer Kelly Clarkson with the uncomfortable inquiry after hearing rumors claiming that the singer was dying to get pregnant.

After asking the American Idol star four times if she was expecting, the singer finally relented: "We are not announcing anything right now!"

Clarkson added that she and new hubby Brandon Blackstock—who manages Blake Shelton and is the stepson of Reba McEntire—are "trying like rabbits" to grow their family, which already includes two children from Blackstock's previous marriage. "They're so great!" the 31-year-old Clarkson added. "I never wanted kids before, [but] now I want, like, five!"

And maybe baby No. 3 is on the way for the Blackstocks...? Watch the clip above to decide if Kelly was keeping mum about becoming a new mum.