November 11, 2013


Lady Gaga Opens Pop-Up Shop With Dancers, Iconic Dresses

One day after Lady Gaga hosted an ARTRAVE for music industry insiders (and came done-up in a flying dress), "Artpop Pop Up: A Lady Gaga Gallery," a three-day, interactive art installation, opened its doors to fans Monday in New York and Los Angeles.

The event features Mother Monster's most iconic outfits, including the meat dress from the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, the hand bra from the "Applause" music video and the Bad Romance dress from the Monster Ball tour. There are also lots of props, like the Binary Chair from Gaga's ARTPOP promo photos.

The installation, held through Wednesday evening in New York's fashionable Meatpacking District,  also features numerous interactive stations. Two bodysuit-clad dancers help fans dance for 30 seconds each to Gaga's "Applause" video and upload to various social networks, while the more artistically inclined can enter an igloo-type structure and mark up the inside with magic markers. A makeup station, where fans can apply their own Gaga-inspired makeup and take photos of themselves, is also available.

Jeff Koons, the artist responsible for the ARTPOP cover, is represented heavily at the installation. Alongside images of Koons photographing Gaga (and her now-infamous gazing ball), is the stenciled phrase, "One second I'm a Koons/Then suddenly the Koons is me."

The layout of "Artpop Pop Up" places the showcase in as much of a museum role as a gallery one. Each dress has a placard denoting when and where it was used and the art-adorned walls hang nicely next to Gaga's own gift shop (in this case, limited-edition T-shirts sold exclusively at the event). It's as if Gaga is solidifying her own future legacy, placing the contemporary in a faux-historical setting. She's one of the few current musicians that has the fanbase, weirdness and balls to actually pull it off.