November 17, 2013


Lady Gaga Owns 'SNL' With "Gypsy," "Do What U Want"

NBC/Getty Images
NBC/Getty Images

Lady Gaga was the latest musician to do double duty on Saturday Night Live—both hosting and acting as the musical guest for last night's show. And while the skits fell fairly flat, her musical performances killed.

To be fair, Miley Cyrus did kind of set the SNL musician-host bar obscenely high with her sidesplitting turn as Michelle Bachman in the government shutdown parody, "We Did Stop."

But watching Gaga plow through poorly written skits was pretty wrenching. One exception being the point at which, dressed as a frumpy Apple employee, she declared "I don't care about fashion, I think people that try too hard with their outfits are maybe hiding something" and stared blankly out.

Girl can laugh at herself, but last night proved she should really stick to music. That's where Gaga can be Gaga—in all her weird glory—and that's all anyone wants.

For the piano ballad "Gypsy," she kept things simple. Well, simple minus her bright, rainbow leotard and flying-shoulder-pad-wing things and the appearance of a frenetic dancer clad in purple, lame' leggings at the end.

In the performance for her infectious R & B number, "Do What U Want," the Mother Monster served up a perfectly meta performance. 

She wore an absurd white jumpsuit and went through awkward, robotic, hypersexual dance moves, which leave you feeling uncomfortable. R. Kelly, her duet partner on the single, shows up for some over the top, ridiculous simulated sex moves, and a twerking nod to Miley.

The entire performance seemed to laugh at the oversexualization of female popstars. Which explains why a lady as outspoken and powerful as Lady Gaga would feel completely comfortable singing a song in which she pleads "Do what you want with my body." 

It's meta, bitch!