November 9, 2013


Lady Gaga Relaxes With R. Kelly Songs and Metal Music

Ben Pruchnie/FilmMagic
Ben Pruchnie/FilmMagic

Lady Gaga doesn't get a ton of alone time, but when she does, she makes it count.

The "Do What U Want" singer stopped by Sirius XM Friday night to chat and answer fan questions on the station's "Town Hall" series, and she talked ARTPOP, going to space and listening to metal music to unwind. Of course.

Gaga admitted that when she finished the final touches on ARTPOP (officially out Monday, November 11), she got depressed. It's "like a mother letting her kid go off to college," she explained. She confessed this happens with all of her albums, and it's not until she starts touring that she perks up again. "I love performing live so much, so that really saves me."

As for the recent reports that Gaga will put on a concert in outer space come 2015, it's true. Gaga said she'll be performing on a spacecraft while the show is simultaneously broadcast on Earth, and she's trying not to let her nerves get the best of her. "I did not come this far to be afraid to go to space!" Note to Gaga: Do not see Gravity.

Our favorite part of the interview happened when Lady Gaga revealed what a perfect night alone consists of for the pop star: "I smoke weed and listen to R. Kelly, and I listen to metal, and watch TV and eat pizza." And with that we say: Lady Gaga for president!