November 2, 2013


M.I.A. Skypes WikiLeaks Founder, Julian Assange, at Concert

Taylor Hill/Getty Images
Taylor Hill/Getty Images

First there were posthumous holograms, now there's skyped in controversial political figures.

Last night at her show in New York City at Terminal 5, M.I.A. decided to ditch the old hat, up-and-coming artist bit and beam in WIkiLeaks founder Julian Assange as her opening act.

After much whispering on the Interwebs, the "Paper Planes" singer took to Twitter to confirm the news.

Assagne spoke from London's Ecuadorian embassy where he was granted asylum and has been living for over a year.

After a bit about how courageous and rad he thinks M.I.A. is, he went on for ten minutes about things like Edward Snowden, politics and the media.

MIA posted the entire thing on her Twitter account, so feel free to relive the whole thing. The audio is simply awful, so you'll probably have no idea what he's talking about. 

But don't worry, from the sounds of the inattentive crowd, we're pretty sure they had no idea as well.

In case you were wondering, last night wasn't the two political pals first collab.

In a recent interview with the BBC, she said Assagne actually helped her pen a song.

"I was struggling with this song, trying to write lyrics that contained the word 'tent'," she said.

"There were only so many on my list—I had about 30. Julian Assange came into the studio and took my computer and basically decrypted the whole of the internet, and downloaded every word in the whole of the language that contained the word tent within it. He gave me, like, 4,000. And I finished the song.

"He doesn't get a writing credit," she says, "but he gets a thank you".

She wasn't joking about the thank you.