November 24, 2013


Miley Cyrus Receives Burglary Day Before 21st Birthday

@lilyallen on Instagram
@lilyallen on Instagram

It ain't always easy being Miley Cyrus.

A day before the twerkstar's 21st birthday, her house was burglarized.

Miley's kinda been having a crap birthday week:

First a video of a Belmont-UNC basketball game in which Cyrus' hit single, "Wrecking Ball," was used as a successful distraction technique went viral and then the soon to be 21 year old lost her eyebrows!

Now she has to add "was burglarized" to the list. Luckily, the LAPD confirmed to Us Weekly that no one was home when the crime occurred. According to the officer, the incident happened in the afternoon.

Miley's also been gearing up for a performance at the American Music Awards at the Nokia Theatre in LA tonight, so that prob put a damper on the festivities as well.

We feel you, Milez, break-ins are the worst. They leave you feeling violated and generally mad at the world.

Maybe consider creating a "Miley's 21st Birthday Observed day so you can twerk and toke up at a less stressful time? We recommend post-Turkey day.

Unless you're tight with the extended fam—we're guessing the Cyrus clan can really get down…