November 17, 2013


Morrissey Honors Lou Reed With Release of "Satellite of Love" Cover

Morrissey is set to release a cover of friend Lou Reed's hit "Satellite of Love."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the cover was recorded at the Chelsea Ballroom at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas a couple years before Reed's recent death.

Upon announcing the upcoming official release of the 2011 recording, Morrissey wrote in a release:

“He has been there all of my life.

"He will always be pressed to my heart. Thank God for those, like Lou, who move within their own laws, otherwise imagine how dull the world."

The former The Smith's frontman has not had the easiest time as of late. 

The maudlin singer was forced to cancel a number of shows due to illness earlier this year. And in July he announced that he "almost died" in March of this year from a bleeding ulcer, double pneumonia and Barrett's oesophagus (a serious throat condition).

The death of his dear friend just weeks ago likely hit Moz pretty hard. Click below to hear the cover—out December 3rd. Get ready to shed some tears—it's a thing of beauty.