November 4, 2013


MS MR Impressively Turn LCD Soundsystem Banger Into Piano Jam

With their new album Secondhand Rapture out now, New York synth-pop duo MS MR are treating fans to a cover of LCD Soundsystem's "Dance Yrself Clean," the banging opener to the final album from James Murphy & Co.

MS MR's version is a marvel in its own right. They somehow manage to rearrange the bass-heavy dance song and make it work seamlessly as a piano-based jam, with electronic sounds only popping up toward the end.

Aside from the music, the tone of the track is subtly altered to better suit MS MR's earnestness. Unlike Murphy's world-weary, ironic delivery, singer Lizzy Plapinger spits out the barbed lyrics with defiance and audacity. Yes, the dancefloor drop that happens halfway through the original "Dance Yrself Clean" is missed, but all in all, this cover is a total win for MS MR, LCD and our ears. Listen above.