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11 Must-Read One Direction Fan Fiction Stories

Harry's sexy Skype chat. 1D meets the 'Full House' cast. The lads compete in 'The Hunger Games.' Here are some of the best & weirdest fictional adventures of the world's biggest boy band

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NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 25: (L-R) Musicians Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Harry Styles of One Direct
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With three albums and one movie, One Direction are hardly lazy boys. But if you are wholly consumed by thoughts of Harry, Zayn, Liam, Niall and Louis, you gotta admit there isn't a plethora of material for a Directioner to religiously fixate upon. You need more.

So like Star Trek and Twilight fans before them, Directioners are anonymously churning out 1D fan fiction with every passing day/hour/minute. Sure, some are vicarious romantic fantasies, just as you'd expect, but other posts are genuinely inventive stories that re-imagine One Direction as international spies, time travelers and even competitors in The Hunger Games. 

So from a tense rant against The Wanted to a Full House-meets-1D fantasy, here are excerpts from 11 Must-Read 1D Fan Fiction Stories. And with Midnight Memories leaked ahead of its release date, check out the 10 Most Swoon-Worthy Lyrics from 1D's third and the band's 24 most outlandish Instagrams of 2013.

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1D/Full House Crossover!

This little girl creeped me out. She stared at us intently, whenever she walked, I wanted to protect myself... and kill Liam.

"What're your names?" She asked us.






"Huh. British people. I'm Stephanie Judith Tanner, and why are you wearing tight jeans?" She asked blindly.

"Well we are singers and these idiots made a dimension portal that sent us here." Liam said that sounded like gloating.

Read more from Nagai-Chan's "Full House Direction" here. 

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1D as President-Appointed International Spies

"Hey gentlemen, you don't mind going to America, to work with siblings to save a missing captive, as that's why a captive group came to mind." Our president came in.

"Well. Team 1D?" Louis put his hand in the middle. Everyone looked at him, and nodded. I put my hand in next, and everyone did afterwards, and we all high-fived each other.

"Great. You're teaming up with Jason and Skylar Brown."

"A girl?" We all laughed. But Ms. President looked sterned.

"You-you're not joking?" Harry asked.

"No, Mr. Styles, and you should feel ashamed. Now, Team 1D, head to the jet, you have hours' time to head to America." And we all walked out, thinking: We don't work well with girls.

Read more of AvalonFire's "Spy Love" here.

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Harry Styles, the Womanizing Boxer

Harry Styles. A 20 year old uni student. A boy with a dark past and a dark secret. People see him as a womanizer and a violent person because he's a boxer. He's always been an angry guy but his heart is filled with good intentions. When he meets Brianna, will everything change for him? Will he love again?

Read more from MarcleStyles' "Inked" right here.

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Harry Styles, New Hero of 'Hunger Games'

“I- I volunteer” Harry spoke loudly, trying his hardest to keep his voice clear before hurrying to the stage, ignoring the screams from his mother and Morgan who looked so confused and betrayed. He wasn’t thinking right, though. The young boy, Giles began crying, probably with relief and fell to his knees before being dragged to his family by the peacekeepers as Harry climbed the stairs.

Read more from "A Hunger Games/One Direction Cross Over" here.

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Harry Styles = Morphine Addiction

It hurts, but Harry's voice has always been like morphine to me, it has always taken the pain away. Any time I’m upset just the warm hum of his voice is enough to calm me down, and I don’t know why. I feel my breathing steady and I bury my face in the crook of his neck. The shame I know I should feel is outweighed by the safety I always get in his arms. I wish I was stronger and I could put my walls back up to save some of my dignity, but I can’t and I’m not strong.

Read more from Tothemoonmydear's "I Don't Want to Need You" here. 

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Louis Rages Against The Wanted

"Don't you know The Wanted?" Louise questioned, a look of what looked like shock appearing on his face. Shaking my head, I decided to tease him.

"Oh, are they your enemies?" I taunted, smirking.

"I wouldn't call them friends of ours," he muttered, his fists clenching.


"Well…I guess… it's complicated!" he exclaimed, clearly frustrated. Putting my hands up in defense, I backed up.  

Read more from "Crossing Enemy Lines" here. 

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Liam Finds Himself Alone on His Birthday

Liam sat, head bowed in saddness, in the centre of the square, in a bright blue plastic chair that had a ‘Birthday Boy’ banner draped over the back of it. The empty formation around the border of the room taunted him, but he couldn’t bring himself to lift his tiny legs off the floor and go somewhere else. He was gripped by his rejection and an ever-present feeling of dread. 

"C’mon son," his father Geoff spoke cheerfully, clapping him on the shoulder, "let’s go play outside. Want to run the football around?" 

A small glittering tear dropped from below the tiny boys fringe, sparkling beautifully as it dropped to his knee, “No thanks, daddy.” His voice was broken, weak, barely audible. Geoff felt his heart wrench in his chest - his beautiful son was alone on his birthday.

Read more from OneDeen's "Crowded" here.

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Harry/Liam Make Out Session

The Wolverhampton lad’s hand went directly under Harry’s shirt, only parting their intense kiss to pull the shirt off over the curly-haired boy’s head and toss it across the room. Liam pressed his lips to Harry’s once again but this time, shoving his tongue into the younger lad’s mouth. Their tongues began fighting for dominance as they pushed their way to the nearby couch in Liam’s apartment.

Read more from Soph's "One Direction Slash One Shots" here. 

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Harry's Sexy Skype Chat

"Now baby, I know your upset for me not talking to you for the past three weeks. I've been busy, I had no time", he said in the most cutest smile to make her heart melt.

"I forgive you, baby", she whispered with the tone of uncomfortableness. Between her thighs, her untouched diamond was becoming damp by just looking at him. Wrapping her arm, holding the urges... Hiding her face from the screen, biting her bottom lip, "Baby, are you okay?", Harry asked in concern. Hailie just couldn't hide it now more, she lifted her head, Harry's face went from concern to a devilish smirk. Hailie swear she could see his little horns sprouting out.

Read more from BabyBratz98's "1D Dirty One Shots" here.

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1D: Professional Tickle Monsters

So I sit and I see also Liam and Zayn give me that 'worried' face that Louis gave me. Also Harry and Niall did too. I sighed big time. "You guys! I'm totally fine! I can tell you are worried about me because I hate-" I stopped. I don't want them to know I hate Miranda cause they think Im her friend. They can't know- yet. 

Harry tilted his head. "Who do you hate?". I shook my head at him. Then my stomach is filled with 2 pairs of hands attacking it! Harry,and Louis were tickling me! "Ahhhhh! You guys! I told you!- I'm fine! Hahahaa stop! P-please!" I squealed like a 3 year old. They chuckled loud and let me free. I panted for air. 

"C'mon air...don't let me down" I panted as everyone burst out laughing. Except for Alex. She has no humor so don't mind her.

Read more from Carissa & OneDirectionLovesMe's "Taken" here.

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1D Fan Fiction: Mature Edition

“Harry, can you just…” I said breathlessly; his fingers immediately stopped in their tracks, his tongue becoming motionless before he left a delicate kiss on my throbbing cl-t. I pulled him towards me slightly, as I sat up; my arms reaching around his neck as he rose to meet me. His lips met mine, before my tongue searched for his; tasting myself as I urgently kissed him. His hands settled either side of me as he leant into me; kneeling between my parted legs as he did so.

Read more from Anonymous' Chapter 190 of Harry Styles Fan Fiction here.

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