November 26, 2013


Kanye West Responds to Seth Rogen & James Franco's "Bound 2" Parody

UPDATE: The former orphan-turned-child singer whose voice provides the hook to "Bound 2" filed a lawsuit alleging he never gave Kanye West permission to use his voice. Read about it here.

Remember when a motorcycle-riding Kanye West straddled a topless Kim Kardashian in his (intentionally?) hokey "Bound 2" video? Well, James Franco and Seth Rogen had some downtime on the set of their latest movie and decided to film a shot-for-shot parody of Kanye's clip. That means we get to see Franco and Rogen grinding, swapping spit and Franco caressing Rogen's uber-hairy back for four beautiful minutes.

Watch above and avoid drinking liquid while viewing, lest you spray it all over your computer screen.

And if you're expecting another epic Kanye rant to stem from this, think again: According to Kim's Twitter, he's a fan!