November 8, 2013


Top 40 Battle: Selena Gomez Falls Slightly Behind Demi Lovato

Round 3 of Fuse's Top 40 of 2013 poll is in full swing, and so far it's a very tight fight between Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez for Video of the Year.

Selenators are voting hard for Selena's gorgeous, dance-tastic "Come & Get It" video, but as of Friday afternoon, Lovatics are pushing just a little harder. They've put Demi's dark, breathtaking "Heart Attack" clip ahead of Selena's video by just two percent.

But that's a close margin: Just a few more votes for Gomez will put her at 50%, making it a neck-and-neck race once more. And there's still plenty of time—Round 3 closes Monday at 6PM ET, and a lot can happen before then. So until Monday, it's anyone's bet who's going to claim fan-voted victory. Head to our poll now to decide which one wins.