Things are seriously heating up in our Top 40 of 2013 Poll, but one race in particular has left us with only nubs for nails: Selena Gomez' "Come & Get It" vs. Paramore's "Still Into You." 

Right now it's Selena at 47 percent and Paramore at 53. But all that can change in a heartbeat.

This match up rules because both Selena and Paramore seriously bring it: both vids are deliciously entertaining and take you to totally different worlds.

Paramore brings the party—complete with copious cakes, BMX bikes, chandeliers, ballerinas, boats and balloons. And, of course, pop-princess Hayley's delightful, frenetic dance moves. (Check it out here!)

But Selena brings sultry and sexual. The colors pop, the backdrops are breathtaking and the sensual dancing leaves you at a loss for words. (See what we mean?!)

Round 2 is nearing its end—Monday at 6PM EST! So, for Selena fans, that means you've got a couple days to get your leading lady to the top! And, Paramore fans, keep getting out the vote, cuz at this point the winner is anyone's guess!