November 19, 2013


Tyler, the Creator's Inspiring Blog Post: "Get Your Self-Esteem Up"

Andrew Benge/Redferns via Getty Images
Andrew Benge/Redferns via Getty Images

Fresh off Odd Future's second successful Odd Future Carnival (also known as Camp Flog Gnaw), Tyler, the Creator is feeling the posi vibes, man. (A surprise Kanye West appearance has that effect.) And he decided to spread the love on his blog.

The "Rusty" rapper took to Odd Future's Tumblr to thank fans for coming out to the show and inspire them to start a movement of their own. This from the same guy who brought us that racist Mountain Dew ad.

"It's been a week since the Carnival, which I have now realized was the greatest day of my life. Seeing everyone I care about there was crazy," he wrote. "No, that's not even the part that got me excited. Seeing what some stupid little ideas can turn into is what shocks me."

Tyler went on to describe when he brainstormed the name Camp Flog Gnaw: "I remember when I came up with that name Summer 2011. I never been to camp and in my head, I created a place that I figured would never exist." He also revealed he was up late the night before the show, personally perfecting the final details. "Did you see that skate park? I was up until 2 a.m. painting that b-tch!"

Then Tyler got all Oprah on us. In a good way.

"I just want who ever reading this to know that anything is possible, no matter how crazy it may seem, anything IS possible you just have to figure it out. Get your self esteem up and like yourself, then like your ideas. We live in a world where people don't even like their own ideas... If people actually loved themselves and believed in themselves more you know how many more crazy things would be created?"

"There is no f-cking limit to anything!" Tyler wrote. "(Except elevators.)"