November 4, 2013


Five Surprising Things You'll See Onstage During a Kid Rock Show

Ariel LeBeau for Fuse
Ariel LeBeau for Fuse

When Kid Rock hit the stage at Voodoo Fest 2013, we were expecting to see a few things: a giant American flag, a girl in a bikini top and a ton of whiskey.

While all three of those showed up one way or another before the end of his spirited 75-minute set Sunday Night in City Park, there were also a few curious things we noticed on stage. For example, did you know the dude travels with a saxophonist? Exactly.

From his opening monologue—"Lord, with the power of music you have saved our souls"—to the final frenetic moments of his last song, "Bawitdaba," Kid put on a hell of a show. He also served up a five surprises we weren't exactly expecting. 

An awesome saxophone player wearing a lot of gold jewelry. His name is Dave McMurray and he's an accomplished Detroit-based jazz saxophonist. He first connected with Kid Rock in 2007 and they've been hitting the road together ever since.

Kid Rock wearing Nikes. We were expecting cowboy boots, to be honest. But have you ever jumped off the top of a piano in cowboy boots? Nikes are the much more sensible option. (P.S. Kid Rock also jumps off the top of a piano.)

A bottle of Jim Beam... next to a bottle of Gatorade. Kid Rock and whiskey manufacturer Jim Beam teamed up for Kid's Rebel Soul tour, so that explains the product placement front and center on the DJ table. But the Gatorade? Well, as he mentions in his ode to being over the hill, "Forty," he's 42 now. Hangovers last for about five days at that point.

Kid Rock on the 1s and 2s. Newsflash: Kid Rock, the devil without a cause, is an excellent DJ. Near the end of his set, Kid took to the turntables as his alter ego, DJ Bobby Shazam. And he annihilated it. Don't believe us? Take a look at his scratching skills from a gig earlier this year.

A Kid Rock dance break. Not only is he jumping around on stage, sweating through his hat, changing guitars and jumping on the decks, but he also knows his way around an 8-count. "I learned some of that Justin Bieber bullsh-t," he said before busting out into some *NSYNC style moves in the middle of his song, "Wasting Time." Nothing makes sense!