November 2, 2013


The Best Fan Freak Outs From Pearl Jam's Voodoo Set

Skip Bolen/WireImage
Skip Bolen/WireImage

It's been more than 20 years since the release of Pearl Jam's now iconic debut album Ten, but you would never know judging by their Friday night headlining set at Voodoo Fest in New Orleans. Eddie Vedder and Co. were in prime condition, sounding well-rested and strong, banging out crowd-pleaser after crowd-pleaser including "Corduroy," "Even Flow," "Daughter" and "Jeremy."

Pearl Jam's fans have journeyed with the band through their entire career, all the way up to the band's latest release, 2013's Lightning Bolt. It was clear from the spirited crowd shout-alongs to the synchronized fist pumping that fans were freaking out--but they really let their fangirl sides show on Twitter.

Take a look at our favorite Pearl Jam fan freak outs from Voodoo Fest below, and check out more from Voodoo 2013.