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11 Amazing Christmas Songs You Might Not Know

Sick of "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree?" Us, too! Give these overlooked Xmas tunes a listen before drowning yourself in your eggnog

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The White Stripes, "Candy Cane Children"

We don't exactly think of Jack White when we think of the holiday season. The White Stripes' 2002 single "Candy Cane Children" isn't so much a "cool Christmas song" as it is "a cool White Stripes song that has the words 'candy cane' in it." 

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Basement 5, "Last White Christmas"

Basement 5 were a little known reggae-punk band from 1970s London, and "Last White Christmas" might be their biggest hit. It doesn't exactly make you want to roast chestnuts with your Xmas sweetheart, but it does make you want to party, which is an even better way to celebrate the season.

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The O'Jays, "Christmas Ain't Christmas (Without the One You Love)"

Everyone knows and loves The O'Jays—where would we be without "Love Train"?! But their sweet, Motown-inspired Christmas song "Christmas Ain't Christmas (Without the One You Love)" goes overlooked every year. 

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Centro-matic, "Fuselage (It's Starting to Look Like Christmas Once Again)"

In the '90s, Centro-matic was alt-country side project of singer-songwriter Will Johnson. The band contributed their Christmas song "Fuselage (It's Starting to Look Like Christmas Once Again)" to Idol Records' 2000 Christmas album Electric Ornaments, which, by the way is the perfect gift for the special Gen X-er in your life.

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Louis Armstrong, "Cool Yule"

Add Louis Armstrong's "Cool Yule" to every holiday playlist you make from here on out. It's way more fun than that infuriating hippopotamus song

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Toni Wine, "My Boyfriend's Coming Home for Christmas"

Toni Wine's "My Boyfriend's Coming Home for Christmas" is the Yuletide equivalent to The Angels' 1963 classic "My Boyfriend's Back" (except without the slightly violent undertone). Time to put on your poodle skirt and find the mistletoe.

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Bianca Ryan, "Why Couldn't It Be Christmas Every Day?"

Though she hasn't made much of a splash after becoming the first winner of America's Got Talent in 2006 (at only 11 years old), her Christmas song "Why Couldn't It Be Christmas Every Day?" sounds like an instant classic. No, really! Even award-winning songwriter David Foster (Michael Jackson, Madonna) called her "extraordinary and mature."

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Morphine, "Sexy Christmas Baby Mine"

Minimal alt rockers Morphine gained popularity on college radio in the '90s because of the band's eclectic jazz influences and lead singer Mark Sandman's peculiar deep voice. Their odd Christmas song, "Sexy Baby Christmas Mine," sounds like one of Santa's favorite songs... if Santa was the mysterious old guy who was always drinking whiskey by himself at your local dive.

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Clarence Carter, "Back Door Santa"

Clarence Carter's 1968 Soul Christmas contribution, "Back Door Santa," is a raunchy, funky take on what Santa does in his off-time: "Making all the little girls happy while the boys are out to play." Ho ho ho?

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Mabel Scott, "Boogie Woogie Santa Claus"

"Boogie Woogie Santa Claus" was jazz and blues singer Mabel Scott's first big hit in 1948. The Brian Setzer Orchestra covered the song on their 2002 Christmas album, Boogie Woogie Christmas, but you can't go wrong with the original.

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Cyndi Lauper, "Early Christmas Morning"

Cyndi Lauper and a children's choir go together like Santa and reindeer. "Early Christmas Morning" reminds us that waking up early once a year is totally worth it—for the presents!

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