December 14, 2013


Beyonce Gives "XO" Heavenly Live Debut

Beyonce continued her magical quest towards earthly domination by playing new track "XO" live for the first time in Chicago last night.

Confused as to how Bey managed to promote songs from her new LP live literally the same day it dropped? 

If so, you are probably forgetting that the "Grown Woman" singer was in the middle of her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour during yesterday's surprise to end all surprises.

So, she totally already had all the bells and whistles of a major arena show already worked out for "XO"'s debut. And thank god she did, because it was glorious.

Beyonce, ever the gracious ruler, allowed the audience to participate in a call-and-response version of the track.

"I'm gonna sing you a song which is a brand-new song," she said before moving into the number. "It hasn't even been out for 24 hours. I'm gonna sing this for y'all because it was written for y'all."

Adding, "This is the first time, something I'll never forget."

The audience then lost it. (We particularly enjoyed the lady adorably screaming, "I got you B!!")

While we, obviously, have to give Mrs. Carter props for her understated (but still appropriately fierce) outfit—esp those thigh-high, leather-stiletto boots—the best thing she donned was an other-worldly smile.

It was a heavenly thing to behold and Bey transitioned into "Halo" immediately following the debut. How incredibly appropriate.