December 7, 2013


Childish Gambino Releases Screenplay Inspired by New LP

"Hip hop's dirty little secret," Childish Gambino, is dropping his second LP, Because the Internet, December 10th.

But it looks like we'll be getting a lot more of the "Heartbeat" rapper's wordsmithing than just the featured songs on the album as he's released a hefty screenplay in conjunction with the album.

Because the Internet is already massive—it will feature a whopping 19 tracks including collabs with Chance the Rapper and Azealia Banks—but Gambino just wasn't satisfied with only songs.

According to NME, the actor and rapper, aka Donald Glover, said the screenplay was inspired by the songs on the album and that the LP should act as a soundtrack for the script.

You can check out the screenplay here.

The infectious Azealia Banks featuring track, "The Oldest Computer (The Last Night)" hit the Internet last week and certainly indicates good things to come.

How many hours 'till 12 a.m. Tuesday again? Actually, it's cool; we've got 72 pages of screenplay to absorb.