December 9, 2013


Fuse Favorite: Watch Sevyn Streeter on Fuse All Week

R&B singer-songwriter and Florida native Sevyn Streeter first got her start at age 10 when she tied in first place for her rendition of "My Funny Valentine" at Showtime at the Apollo. There was only one place to go from there: Girl groups.

She got her first record deal at 15 performing with the group TG4 (the foursome toured with Lil' Bow Wow and B2K) and then later with the more grown-up RichGirl. Above, Sevyn talks to Fuse's Esteban Serrano about a few of the differences between the two groups—mainly, tomboys versus "ladies"—and how she incorporates both styles into her current look as a solo artist.

Sevyn also opened up about her collaboration with Chris Brown, "It Won't Stop," which got over eight million views on YouTube in just two months. "In comes his voice," Sevyn said about hearing Chris' verse for the first time, "And I lost it. I had a heart attack!" The pair hit it off so well that Chris actually ended up directing the music video. Check it out below. 

Sevyn Streeter's seven-song EP Call Me Crazy, But... is out now. Check out the Channel Finder to locate Fuse in your area and watch videos and interviews with Sevyn Streeter all week.