December 18, 2013


The 41 Best Albums of 2013

#1The Music That Mattered

Ladies and gentleman, it was a long and arduous process, including at least two bloody slap fights over the inclusion of K-pop albums, but it has finally arrived: Fuse's 41 Best Albums of 2013 list, as chosen by the incredibly genius staff at our New York City HQ. 

From multi-culti genre-masher M.I.A. to desert-dwelling stoner-rockers Queens of the Stone Age, R&B alien Janelle Monae to Americana's leading balladeer Jason Isbell, these are the 41 must-hear releases from the past 12 months, with no genre left uncovered. Click through the list and get each staffer's rationale for why, exactly, this LP deserves its place in the hallowed ranks of Fuse's year-end content.

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