December 1, 2013


Gucci Mane Ordered to Surrender Guns

Prince Williams/Getty Images
Prince Williams/Getty Images

Gucci Mane's legal problems have resulted in more than just prison time: the troubled rapper must now relinquish his guns.

AllHipHop is reporting that Mane must part with his 40 caliber Glock and 45 caliber Taurus—as well as the bullets for both guns—as a result of a recent federal indictment.

Mane is currently dealing with the aftermath of two assault charges in addition to a marijuana possession charge.

The Atlanta rapper spent six months in prison for allegedly pushing a woman out of a car in 2011.

Then, in March of this year he was arrested on another assault charge involving a soldier at an Atlanta nightclub

The man claimed that Mane hit him over the head with a champagne bottle after he approached the rapper for a picture.

Despite the "Stoopid" rapper's problems with the law, he has continued recording—in May he dropped a collab with legendary shock-rocker Marilyn Manson.