December 23, 2013


Justin Bieber's 7 Most Saintly Moments of 2013

#1Biebs Isn't Always Such a Bad Boy!

This year, the overarching narrative of Justin Bieber in 2013 was shaped by a slew of unfortunate life choices and nasty public backlash: cultural insensitivity; public urination; dissing former presidents; abandoning petstardiness; reported drugs; alleged hookers. Let's be honest, Biebs: This one wasn't your best year.

Despite the bad headlines, negativity didn't define the pop sensation's year. In fact, we have seven moments from 2013 that show Bieber is still a stand-up guy who cares a hell of a lot about his family, fans and those less fortunate.

Just ahead of his upcoming 3D movie Believe, take a look through Bieber's seven most saintly moments of the year.

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