December 25, 2013


Will He or Won't He? Justin Bieber Tweets About "Official Retirement"

Kevin Winter
Kevin Winter

Last week Justin Bieber told Los Angeles' Power 106 (and, hence, the world) that he planned on retiring. The statement was written off by most Beliebers as a joke, but the Biebs took to Twitter late on Christmas Eve to say it again:

Still it remains an open question whether Bieber—whose new movie Believe just opened in theaters on Christmas Day—is serious. 

Clarifying his earlier retirement claims, Bieber had told USA Today, "I'm going to take my time (next year) to really find my sound as an adult. That takes time and patience, and I'm grateful I have the ability to step back and focus on my creativity." 

He also followed his Christmas Eve retirement tweet with this follow up:

With Bieber's other comments indicating that he plans to scale back on work, rather than actually retiring, some outlets are speculating that the retirement tweet may be a publicity stunt to help raise his profile at the moment of his movie release.

What do you think: Is Bieber really going to pack it in? Tell us your opinion in the poll below.

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