December 10, 2013


Kanye West Says Performing Live Is "War," Obliterates Heckler

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Surface Magazine
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Surface Magazine

Kanye West is done apologizing for things he's said in past interviews, and is back to saying things he probably shouldn't. In an interview with Saturday Night Onlinethe "Bound 2" rapper compared himself to police officers and soldiers and said his live performances are "like war."

Apparently the greatest risk is slipping whilst traversing that gigantic, fake onstage mountain (complete with snow), which is one of the highlights of the Yeezus tour.

"I'm putting my life at risk, literally!" West said. "When I think about when I'm on the 'Can't Tell Me Nothing' and 'Coldest Winter' moment, like that mountain goes really, really high. And if I slipped… You never know. And I think about it."

According to West, the innate perils of climbing a fake mountain are similar to those of certain dangerous professions. "I think about my family and I'm like, 'Wow, this is like being a police officer or something, in war or something.'"

Perhaps the hazards of performing are what caused 'Ye to freak out on a heckler during the San Antonio, Texas stop of his tour. As an Instagram vid shows, West loses his cool and had a woman escorted out of the concert after she allegedly asked him to remove his mask. 

"Do I look like a motherf-cking comedian? Don't f-cking heckle me," he yelled. "I'm Kanye motherf-cking West!"

You sure are, Kanye.