December 23, 2013


Snow Remorse: Metallica's Historic Antarctic Concert Now on YouTube

Metallica's 72-minute concert from Antarctica is now on YouTube! That's the good news. The bad news? They've titled this concert doc Freeze 'Em All, which is a far inferior to our own suggestion, And Just Ice For All. 

With a little help (i.e., a lot of $$) from Coca-Cola Zero, Metallica became the second band to play the ice-covered seventh continent on December 8, 2013 (the first was a band of scientists calling themselves Nunatak back in 2007).

Not only did this make them the first major (or for that matter, recognizable) artist to play Antarctica, but they're now the only band to ever play all seven continents within a year.

Now, their 10-song, 72-minute Antarctic concert is on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. Word to the Wise: They're planning a DVD release, so you best watch it while it's online for free.

Here's the setlist, courtesy of Blabbermouth:

1) Creeping Death
2) For Whom The Bell Tolls
3) Sad But True
4) Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
5) Master Of Puppets
6) One
7) Blackened
8) Nothing Else Matters
9) Enter Sandman
10) Seek & Destroy