December 17, 2013


Migos Aim for Another "Versace" With Latest Party Track "Ounces"

Migos—the Atlanta trio that delivered THE underground rap hit of 2013 with "Versace"—are back with a new song, "Ounces." It's a similarly catchy banger that follows the single-word-repetition formula for the chorus that worked so well on "Versace."

Lyrically, Migos are focused entirely on money with this one. "All I ever wanted was to get rid of them ounces" is the refrain and the setting is the "street as the jungle." Yeah, it's familiar stuff, but they deliver it like they mean it: Each one has the belly-fire and the freshness of a hustling artist.

Plus, the ATL producers—Zaytoven of Gucci Mane/Jeezy fame and Metro Boomin—keep things interesting for Migos. Pay special attention to the yearning violin in the background of this track, presumably courtesy of Zaytoven (after all, he's the one who chose a name that rhymes with Beethoven). And keep an eye out for Y.R.N. 2, the mixtape this track is taken from, coming in 2014.