December 26, 2013


Miley Cyrus Gets Hot and Heavy With Herself in "Adore You" Video

Miley Cyrus has taken "provocative" to a whole new level in her latest nearly naked video, "Adore You." Are we sure the girl isn't actually allergic to clothing?

In the Rankin-directed video (Future, Sky Ferreira), Miley is seen lying in a bed wearing nude-colored underwear. She writhes around under white sheets while she films herself touching herself. She bites her arm a couple times, and sucks on the sheets for a little bit, which I'm pretty sure is doing it wrong.

Later, in a shocking turn of events, Miley puts on clothes to take a bath, where she continues to rub herself. Then it starts raining, because symbolism or something.

We were expecting the video to be less-than-subtle considering the rest of Miley's 2013 has been just a tad overt. (See: August - December.) But "Adore You" makes "We Can't Stop" look like an episode of Sesame Street.