Fabolous Opens Up About New Mixtape, 'The Soul Tape 3'

Fabolous Opens Up About New Mixtape, 'The Soul Tape 3'

Just before the release of his latest mixtape The Soul Tape 3, Fuse's Esteban Serrano sat down with Fabolous inside New York City's famous Madison Square Garden. The Brooklyn rapper opened up about what it means to play the famed NYC venue, paying for samples, "slick women" and more on the latest episode of The Mixdown.

Check out a few highlights below, and watch the full interview with Fabolous above to hear tracks from The Soul Tape 3.

On The Soul Tape 3's Cover Featuring a Photo of Madison Square Garden
"It started from [The Soul Tape's cover featuring] Apollo to [The Soul Tape 2's cover featuring] Radio City and then you know, the only thing you could say bigger was Madison Square Garden... I wanted to keep stepping up a notch."

On Sampling Beats on an Album Versus a Mixtape
"You have to go through different levels and procedures to get [a sample] cleared [on an album] whereas for a mixtape, you don't really  have to go through those same procedures. It's just you doing your thing, and giving it to the world for free. You're not making a dollar off of it."

On New Track "Thim Slick," Featuring Jeremih
"There's different types of females, there's thick, there's slim. What we did was kind of combine 'thick' and 'slim,' and call it 'Thim Slick'... A lot of thick girls get a lot of love, or the models get a lot of love. But there's something right in between there that works, too.... It's time for the thim slick chicks to step up."