December 13, 2013


9 Musicians "FUH-REAK OUT" on Twitter About Beyonce's Surprise Album

Getty Images, 3
Getty Images, 3

If you are just waking up (or live under a rock) you should know that the inimitable Beyonce pulled a fast one on the entire world by dropping a surprise album at midnight last night.

But in case you are thinking that Queen Bey kept just us plebes in the dark, think again. A-list musicians and even her close friends were unaware of the LP's existence, and predictably lost their collective minds on Twitter when it dropped.

Even mega-producer Diplo, who worked on two tracks and was reportedly frustrated with the singer's progress on the LP back in June, was dumbfounded. And in the words of one Katy Perry: "B done broke the internet."

We've rounded up the best musician response to Beyonce's arrival below.