December 20, 2013


Can Nicki Minaj Act? Watch Her in 'The Other Woman' Trailer

Nicki Minaj joins funny ladies Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann (along with Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton) in the upcoming movie The Other Woman, and it looks like the "Freedom" rapper can actually hold her own next to the accomplished actress. It must be all that experience acting as if she liked Mariah Carey on American Idol—she's good at faking stuff.

In the movie, which is Minaj's film debut, she plays Diaz's sassy assistant wearing what looks like her regular wardrobe tailored into slightly-less-outrageous business casual. Nicki helps Diaz's character plot her revenge when Diaz finds out her boyfriend is not only married, but cheating on her and his wife (Mann) with several other women. 

Along with being a rapper, singer, TV personality and actress, Nicki Minaj is also a perfumer. She's also just a bad b-tch, but we're not sure she can put that on her resume.