December 17, 2013


Nirvana Score Rock Hall Induction First Year of Eligibility

Paul Bergen/Redferns
Paul Bergen/Redferns

As befitting their incalculable influence on the last two decades of music, Nirvana will enter the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2014. Kurt Cobain's grunge outfit catapulted alt-rock into the mainstream in the early '90s and his influence has been felt on everyone from Jay Z to Miley Cyrus. In other words, it’s a no-brainer Nirvana got into the Rock Hall the first year they were eligible.

The Class of 2014 also includes KISS, the pioneering pop-metal band who inspired everyone from Guns N' Roses to the Replacements (who were nominated this year but didn't make the cut) to Weezer. The KISS Army has been kvetching over the Rock Hall snubbing KISS so long it's hard to imagine what these fans are going to do now that they're in the esteemed Rock Hall. One begins to question if KISS even need a standing army anymore…

Other inductees for 2014 are Philly hitmakers Hall & Oates, hippie singer-songwriter Cat Stevens, genre-hopping singer Linda Ronstadt and genre-mashing maestro Peter Gabriel. Sadly, the Zombies and Deep Purple—two-long time snubs—didn't get past the nomination process this year.