December 19, 2013


Rick Ross & Jay Z Drop Hard-Hitting "The Devil is a Lie" Collabo

The new Jay Z/Rick Ross collabo is here! "The Devil is a Lie"—which Rozay teased for us back in October—just dropped and it's their best track together yet (Ross was on "F--kWithMeYouKnowIGotIt" from Magna Carta...Holy Grail and Jay popped up on God Forgives, I Don't's "3 Kings" in 2012). Hova sounds particularly invested on this track, or at least more turnt up than on his non-Beyonce guest verses in 2013.

What exactly Ross means by "The Devil Is a Lie" remains ambiguous, as the lyrics only tangentially touch on religion when Jay raps, "It's a true-false fiction / I never f—k with religion." So no, it's not an attack on faith or superstition, but rather a hard-hitting track custom-made for cruising. Listen to it above and check out Ross talking about "The Devil is a Lie" to Fuse right here