December 28, 2013


Snoop Dogg Gives John Kerry Dap

Vincent Sandoval/WireImage
Vincent Sandoval/WireImage

2013 has been a banner year for Snoop Dogg

Highlights included a weed-collabo with Miley Cyrus, teaching Larry King to rap and attempting to usurp Sean Combs as No. 1 pathological name changer.

And now he can add schmoozing with White House bigwigs to his year-end facebook photomontage.

Snoop recently took to Twitter and Instagram to post some delightful footage from a December White House Soiree:

The video features a very dapper Dogg palling around with US Secretary of State John Kerry. 

The audio isn't great and there is no transcription—sadly, the world may never know what sorts of somber diplomacy talks/sweet nothings went on between these two.

But the awesomely awkward fist-bump at the end is now public record!

Burning question: how did Snoop introduce himself to Mr. Kerry?

Last month marked yet another moniker change for the lanky rapper: Snoopzilla.

The name change coincided with the release of Snoopzilla, the first LP by Days of Funk—a collaboration with producer Dam-Funk.

Speaking of funk, please, please tell us there is additional footage of John Kerry and Snoop getting down on the White House dance floor that will mysteriously surface in the coming days.

We really need to start the New Year out right.