December 9, 2013


St. Vincent Teases Self-Titled 4th Album With "Birth in Reverse"

Following her David Byrne collaborative album Love This Giant and breathtaking tour with the Talking Heads vet, St. Vincent is releasing a new solo album in February. As seems to be the new trend (Paramore, Britney Jean), she's making this a self-titled affair even though it's her fourth effort.

"I wanted to make a party record you could play at a funeral," the singer-songwriter says in the press release for her upcoming album. "I knew the groove needed to be paramount." 

Strong evidence of that claim can be found on "Birth in Reverse," a tease of the album she just unleashed. This crunchy burst of garage-pop noise has a seriously thick bass line: The groove is closer to Sly & the Family Stone than any of her indie contemporaries. Also, it boasts this incredible intro lyric: "Oh, what an ordinary day / Take out the garbage, masturbate."

Listen to "Birth in Reverse" above and consult with Seventeen magazine for chalking tips if you want to cop the incredible hair Annie Clark is rocking these days.