December 23, 2013


Meet the Marvelous Music Meme Spawned by Wallpaper.'s "Hesher"

This is Wallpaper.'s single, "Hesher." Right up there in the YouTube video. In case you aren't familiar with it. 

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The Internet is very familiar with "Hesher." Specifically, Vine users have taken a liking to the song, which comes from the Oakland pop/hip-hop fusion group's second album, Ricky Reed Is Real. Released via Boardwalk and Epic Records in July, the album charted in the Top 10 on Billboard's Heatseekers chart, and Wallpaper. appear to be well on their way to building a fine online buzz. 

But back to "Hesher." The track's bass drop has become incredibly popular as a video meme, making its way into countless Vine clips of people dancing insanely, jumping on furniture or, maybe most awesomely, sports highlights. The New York Knicks' Iman Shumpert provides an example in the form of a ferocious tip-slam:

via Vine user OVERTIME

Wallpaper.'s lead man, Ricky Reed, says he started noticing the trend on Twitter when fans starting telling him that he was becoming "Vine famous."

"I was trying to figure out what 'Vine famous' meant," Reed says, "so I was searching things and the first clip I saw was the song set to a highlight from a college basketball game.

"We never thought of the song in a sports context at all, but I think the drop lends itself to anything that's high intensity. And a lot of people are discovering us this way."

Naturally, we spent some time browsing Vine and finding our favorite 7-second clips that make use of "Hesher." You may be wondering how many working hours we spent doing this, which is a query we decline answer. 

Check out our favorite clips below–you already saw one above, and it was awesome, right?–and pick up "Hesher" on iTunes once you can't get it out of your head. Oh, and don't feel guilty if you find yourself wanting to make your own Vines to the song–Reed says the band loves that people are using "Hesher" in creative ways.

20-year-old Paul Pogba received the 2013 Golden Boy award–it's given to the most impressive soccer player in Europe under the age of 21 years old–so this incredible strike is actually relatively routine for him:

via Vine user Beautiful Soccer Goals

We're not exactly sure when this highlight is from, because J.R. Smith plays for the Knicks now, but he's on the Denver Nuggets below. But just because the guy is known as a three-point shooter doesn't mean he can't go "Hesher," right?

via Vine user The Best Dunks

University of Central Florida wide receiver/kick returner J.J. Worton had a breakout year as a redshirt junior, but most of the country knows him because of this game-tying touchdown catch against Temple:

via Vine user Top Sports Plays

This interception by Arizona Wildcats freshman linebacker Scooby Wright happened with the help of senior cornerback Shaquille Richardson–and a little luck–on the first play from scrimmage against Oregon.

via Vine user Best Football Highlights