December 11, 2013


What Were YouTube's 10 Most Viewed Music Videos of 2013?

#1And the Winners Are...

December means one thing in media: Year-end lists. Artists, if you released anything this month, well, good luck to you. Most bloggers are busy compiling their "best of the year" lists like "14 Songs That Should Have Been Hits" and "Best Celebrity Selfies."

Thanks to YouTube, we now have the 10 Most-Watched Music Videos of the Year, which have cumulatively boasted more than 2.8 BILLION views.

The channel also released its Top Trending Videos of 2013, with Ylvis's "The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)"  topping the list at 275 million views and destroying the competition. (Seriously, second place—"Harlem Shake (Original Army Edition)"—had only 65 million views.

Relive the most popular videos of the year right now.

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