January 25, 2014


Aberdeen Latest Washington Town to Honor Kurt Cobain With Day

Michel Linssen/Redferns
Michel Linssen/Redferns

While Kurt Cobain may have felt like his childhood home of Aberdeen, Washington would vote him "Most Likely to Kill Everyone at a High School Dance" while he was growing up, they certainly have some posthumous pride for the venerated rocker. So much pride, in fact, that they are declaring February 20, the Nirvana frontman's birthday, annual "Kurt Cobain Day."

"Aberdeen residents may justifiably take pride in the role our community played in the life of Kurt Cobain and the international recognition our community has gained from its connections with Kurt Cobain and his artistic achievements," a proclamation from the city council, which was reported by local radio station KXRO, read.

Mayor Bill Simpson is set to make the formal proclamation on February 12th. He also said that the day could possibly turn into “Kurt Cobain Week” as plans for the event continue to develop.

Aberdeen’s announcement of “Kurt Cobain Day” comes just one month after the neighboring town of Hoquiam's mayor claimed April 10th as its first ever “Nirvana Day.

We’re guessing Aberdeen wasn’t thrilled by the fact that its neib, which holds only a passing tie to Cobain (he lived there very briefly as a child), was trying to lay claim to their hometown hero.

After all, Aberdeen’s welcome sign has read “Come as you are” for years.

But no worries. We know what you're thinking, and we promise to be on it if and when any Nirvana-related mayoral fisticuffs ensue.