As the reigning Queen Diva of New Orleans bounce, Big Freedia's life is far from boring. But even for her, last weekend was special. 

Not only did Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Solange check out her Friday night concert in NOLA, but Freedia attended Bey's mom's 60th birthday party alongside Jennifer Hudson, Kris Jenner and a slew of other celebrities. We got the Fuse reality star on the phone and chatted with her about what it was like partying with Bey at Tina Knowles' masquerade ball birthday bash. 

@bigfreediaqueendiva on Instagram

When did you learn Beyonce was at your Friday night concert? Did you get a heads up or was it a total surprise?

I was getting dressed and they called and was like, 'We wanna come see you.' And I was just stunned. I was very shocked and surprised. So I headed to the club and got a little [private] section together for them and shut down a few things so they'd be able to come through without getting bombarded by people. They came and hung out with me that night, and the next day around noon, I got a call that said Beyonce wanted me to come by her mom's birthday party.

What about performing with Bey in the audience. Were you nervous?

It was the same thing as always. I went into my rare form and I did what I do. I told everybody in the audience that [Beyonce, Kelly and Solange] were in the house and let's show 'em how New Orleans roll. We didn't do anything different—we just went a little bit harder, I would say.

How was Tina Knowles' 60th birthday party?

Oh, it was such an amazing, fabulous event. It was so beautiful. It was New Orleans all the way. They did it New Orleans style. They had a second line [brass] band and since it was a masquerade ball, everybody had the masks on as we walked in. It was very fabulous. The food was very delicious, the decorations were over the top; it was the way to celebrate. Shrimp etouffee, gumbo, bread pudding, brisket, all types of vegetables and fruits. They had anything you wanted.

@bigfreediaqueendiva on Instagram

Beyonce recently did a 22-day vegan challenge, and since then she's only been spotted eating seafood. Did she dig into the brisket?

I wasn't on her plate like that. I'm really not sure what she ate. But I ate those things.

Did you have a chance to chat with Beyonce's mom Tina, the birthday girl?

Most definitely. She's an awesome lady, very sweet. She came up to me, introduced herself and said, 'I remembered you from the videos we'd be watching at home.' She's just a really sweet lady. Everybody in the party was very cordial, lovely and sweet. We mingled, drunk, ate, danced a little bit, took some pictures, it was just the normal social thing. We had a good time.