January 15, 2014


Bruce Springsteen Shows Christie Who's Boss With Traffic Scandal Parody Song

Bad news, Chris Christie: Your state's most-beloved rock icon and your personal hero Bruce Springsteen is not happy with you. The rock legend appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon  to poke fun at the embattled New Jersey governor, currently in hot water over a controversial traffic scandal.

Last night, Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon donned the Boss' classic duds (sleeveless denim shirt, bandanna and sunglasses) for a parody of "Born to Run," retitled "Gov. Christie Traffic Jam." Fallon began with, "They shut down the toll booths of glory because we didn't endorse Christie!" with Springsteen later quipping, "Man, I really gotta take a leak, but I can't / I'm stuck in Governor Chris Christie's Fort Lee, New Jersey traffic jam!"

Springsteen's zingers add salt to the wounds Christie is currently licking over this ongoing scandal. The NJ governor is an admitted "super fan" of Springsteen, revealing his 10 favorite Springsteen tracks to Esquire and having admitted to crying after meeting the Boss.