January 16, 2014


Cover Me: Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band's Best Live Covers

#1You Can't Stump The E Street Band

Over four decades, Bruce Springsteen has never shied away from playing a cover song here and there. During the massive Wrecking Ball world tour, though, The Boss challenged his band and concertgoers, claiming on stage that it was impossible to stump the E Street Band. To prove it, he would pluck signs from fans in the general admission pit that requested cover songs. 

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On many occasions, Springsteen would choose a song that the E Street Band had never played together. Many were obscure – on a three-year tour across the entire globe, you're bound to get some weird requests. But the band never panicked, and they'd work out the cover on stage right in front of everyone in attendance. After figuring out the melody and the key, the group launched into whatever cover Springsteen had selected – and if they were ever stumped, we don't know about it. 

The Boss recently dropped his 18th studio album, High Hopes, and it features three covers on it. To celebrate the release, we picked 10 of our favorite cover songs that Bruce and the band have done to date. Oh, and make sure you check out some old-school photos of Springsteen too!

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