January 24, 2014


Rising British Punk Band Eagulls Get "Possessed" on New Single

Much like Danish hardcore band Iceage, Eagulls play actual punk music: You know, the kind that sounds slightly unhinged, messy and relevant. You can listen to "Possessed"—the latest song from their upcoming self-titled debut—above for proof.

Unlike a lot of other beginner punk bands, this Leeds five-piece doesn't just record a catchy rock riff at breakneck speeds and call it a day. They add a level of atmospheric shading to their guitar work that's closer to a Deafheaven or PiL album than a hardcore punk record. That being said, these dudes don't get too esoteric: Singer George Mitchell has a melodic, ragged vocal delivery that recalls Minor Threat, and the songs themselves are more anthemic than atmospheric, as befitting a 21st century punk outfit.

Thanks to songs like "Possessed" and their recent Pitchfork co-sign, Eagulls are on track to be one of the breakout bands of 2014. Watch for their self-titled full-length to drop March 3, and if you're in NYC next week, they're playing two dates before returning to the UK.