January 23, 2014


Liz Walaszczyk's EDM Artists to Watch: CAZZETTE

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images
Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Saying EDM duo CAZZETTE are in good spirits these days would be an understatement.  With their single “Run for Cover” finally available on iTunes (full album Eject is out this week) and a video that visually catches the intensity of the song (see below) the guys are now focused on what's to come in 2014. "It's been a hectic year, we never really stop working, (we've been) working none stop for 2 years with tracks.”

They like to "aim high" with their visuals (literally).  Just check out their video for "Beam Me Up". The song will be featured in the upcoming film "Welcome to Yesterday."

Side note: “Beam Me Up” will be featured in the film Welcome to Yesterday, formerly titled Almanac, set for a February release.

This time around they wanted to "bring new life" to their hit "Run for Cover." Their manager Ash (who also looks after Avicii) set them up with Sebastian Ringler who brings you this Hitchcock-inspired "short film" that clearly represents how stressful it would be if there was such a thing as genetically mutated pigeons who happen to be under instruction from a higher authority.

The guys signed on with Spotify to exclusively release their debut solo album Eject in three separate parts via an app on the streaming service. They believe they made the right call taking the Spotify route. "Being in this business and taking risks doing stuff that change the business is must, everyone should do it, what we did with Spotify, something we believe in."

Since the release, Eject has had 33 million Spotify streams, and "Run For Cover" has had 2 million streams.

The duo have been in Stockholm since November in their new studio working with a lot of up-and-coming artists, looking at taking their music in "a new" direction and "do the stuff [they] wanted to from the beginning."

They've got a bus tour coming up in March that will go until the end of April but are still finalizing details so best to check out their official website for the latest.