January 27, 2014


Matte Babel's Artists to Watch: Drake's Funny Friend OB Obrien

So remember the white guy with the red beard that popped up in Drake's "HYFR" video a couple years back? Then again in the "Started From The Bottom" video skit (above) and most recently in "Worst Behavior" (below)? Well, "that guy" who has been reppin' OVO alongside his own team TOPSZN goes by OB (pronounced Oh-B), short for his last name O'Brien.

This could be the last year I'll ever have to explain that. See, OB is that dude whose has never been in a fist fight, in fact he'll tell you first hand he's never really been in a serious argument. Whether it's Irv Gotti or Jamie Foxx it's hard to find someone who doesn't like his disarming, comical, wavvvy personality, and considering his infectious demeanor has already won over some of the biggest names in the business it's hard to believe he won't have the same kind of effect on music enthusiasts. 2014 is looking like it could be TOPSZN, and it's been a long time coming. OB signed a Canadian record deal years ago, and has been traveling around the U.S. recording, meeting and building with today's stars when they were just coming up, and as we all know, those relationships go a long way. After a couple years traveling and recording, without releasing any material, he decided to amicably parts ways with his label. That decision would result in the biggest opportunity of his life.

One those up and coming musicians was Aubrey "Drake" Graham, and it was long before he was wearing an 'O' around his neck as an official member of OVO. OB can spit, he's marketable, he's unique and we all know there's no better look then being with "the boy" Drake. I'm telling you, OB could make some real waves in 2014. His mixtape is almost done, .and it's coming – JUST WAIT ON IT!

OB Obrien's first single "Steve Nash" just dropped. Listen now: